posted in 25.03.2024

Grestel, COSTA NOVA brand production company, achieves Environmental Management Certification

The certification, which comes just months after Grestel celebrated its 25th anniversary, is fully aligned with the environmental management principles that have guided the company since its foundation.

Supported by the NP ISO 14001:2015 standard, Environmental Management System Certification is an essential tool for instilling added confidence in relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, and the surrounding community, as it certifies practices and demonstrates the company's commitment to improving its environmental performance.

This Certification means that, after undergoing a rigorous process, including follow-up audits to verify compliance with the standard's requirements, Grestel has unequivocally shown that it maintains systematic and environmentally sustainable management and confirms the implementation of internal processes that contribute to improving environmental management.

According to the company's management, "The certification formalizes our environmental management practices. Since the very beginning, we have promoted sustainability through stoneware, combining environmental and energy efficiency, ecological materials, and equally ecological products (with our ecogres collections being the pinnacle). But also, in our practices of labor ethics and social responsibility. Sustainability in our company is not just a word, it is a reality and a daily practice that cuts across various departments."