Inspired by modern cosmopolitan culture, pure and minimalist structures, contemporary rationality of the senses is manifested in the functionality and refined beauty of the collection, enhancing the appreciation for global cuisine.

Redonda is a complete collection of shapes and colors made of the best and most resistant stoneware from the western coast of Europe, cylindrical stackable structures suitable for gastronomic experiences, with high resistance and performance values, and touches of elements in genuine and natural cork.

Redonda’s aesthetic approach offers a great number of combinations with safety and sustainability, to involve the best condiments of all seasons, into creations of knowledge and good taste. Redonda is a multifaceted collection prepared to accommodate fish and seafood, meat and vegetables... enabling the excellence of plating that will elevate the flavors and art of great chefs.

Redonda was created by Torres Euracini, Portuguese designer, born near the Atlantic, with decades of expertise in the ceramic industry and with numerous achievements (mostly anonymously) accomplished throughout the world.